Virtual Program

If you live far from our office, consider doing our virtual/distance weight and wellness program.

Our virtual program consists of a consultation, with a weight loss specialist from our medical team, using either telephone or Skype to develop a customized weight loss program specifically to meet your needs.

During the appointment the following will be reviewed: your medical history, your weight loss history, you weight loss goals, any medications, vitamins and herbal products you are using, your energy level, your lifestyle, and other factors important to your weight and wellness goals.  All of your questions will be answered.  Recommendations will be given to you and a customized program will be developed specifically to meet your particular needs.  

Within a few days you will receive a package with weight loss information, a plan to follow, notes from the consultation, along with any products you may be using, and you will begin your journey to a healthier weight and lifestyle.
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