"I'm down 25 lbs in 5 months. Easy to follow plan. Staff are amazing. Very knowledgable. It's amazing how much better I feel. Highly recommend. Andrea always takes time to answer all my questions." ~ S.S.
"I needed to have surgery on my colon, but the doctor didn't want to till I lost some of my weight, to lower my risk and complications. I had been eating right and going to the gym. I had lost some, but not enough. So he recommended coming to NC Weight & Wellness. I've been coming for 40 weeks now and down 60 lbs. I've done had my surgery and was back to work within 2 weeks after. I feel the best that I have felt, to be honest I don't know when." ~ Stephanie Shores
"I had gotten so heavy (256) that I felt terrible. I couldn't even walk very fast. I came to NC Weight & Wellness, almost feeling desperate. In 3 months, I have lost 35 lbs! I feel wonderful. Andrea has been so wonderful and supportive. She just inspires me. If you are feeling desperate, this is the place to come." ~ J.M.
"I have always struggled with weight, but with this program and the support of the staff it has been a huge success. Hard work and dedication pays off even though it is a tough battle and a very long and tiring road it will happen over time. I would recommend this program to people who have also struggled with their weight. The judgement free atmosphere makes it so much easier to accomplish your weight loss goals." ~ D.H.
"I have lost 62 lbs in 11 months! Went from a size 20 to a 6-8 in 11 months." ~ Stephanie Gragg
"I have lost 29 pounds in 2 months! I have so much more energy and I feel great! Andrea is amazing!" ~ Seless Neese
"I have my life back. This program gave me the tools to control my eating and feel great again. The support from everyone gives the motivation to keep eating right." ~ Jana Swaim
"I absolutely love the results that I'm having while I'm on my weight loss journey. I especially love Andrea, she is always available when I need her and always answers any questions that I may have. I would recommend this program to anyone." ~ Videlia Phillips
"This gave me the kick start I needed to get going. I feel better in so many ways. I feel like I have control over my life again. I am so thankful to these guys!" ~ H.H.
"I have lost 44 pounds in 3 months with just a few changes. I feel so much better and the support I have received from the people here has been a blessing to me. I cannot thank them enough for their support & friendship as well." ~ T.W.
"One of the best programs. It has helped me lose my weight & maintain as well. I have recommended it to all my family members. I have been able to lose my weight while receiving steroids. This is the best place to go for weight loss." ~ M.W.
"Your program helped me realize that I can defeat what I though was the impossible (weight loss). It is a life changing experience, and to feel so much better is simply amazing! Thank you Andrea and staff for helping me make this journey possible!" ~ L.H.
"I'm down 17 lbs in 4 weeks. I replace breakfast and lunch with protein shakes & bars. I eat a sensible dinner, mainly veggies with salmon and chicken." ~ Shannon Calhoun
"I can't believe the support I've received here. I've lost 75 pounds in 4 months, which I never thought possible. I wouldn't have been able to do this without this program and the encouragement of the amazing staff. I am so grateful for all the help and support." ~ C.S.
"I Love this program! I have lost 50 lbs. This is the only program that has worked for me! I will tell everyone I know about NC Weight & Wellness. I went from a size 16-18 pants to a size 3 in 8 months." ~ Billie Nixon
"My husband and I have been at NC Weight and Wellness for four months. We have lost 94 lbs between us. We drive a truck and we are on the road most of the time which makes eating healthy very difficult. NC W&W has been a godsend. Larry said he actually didn't know where the weight went; it was just gone without the effort. You guys are awesome!" ~ Sandra & Larry Adams
"I am now 12 lbs away from my goal weight! I have lost 123 lbs! I have been a patient at NC Weight since April 2015. There were times that I was not always compliant with the program, but Andrea has kept me motivated. I have had points where I struggled, but I never gave up. Never think you can not achieve your goal. NC Weight is amazing. I highly recommend them for weight loss." ~ Betty Lopez
"This experience has been very easy. Everyone is supporting you and helps you stay on track. This has changed my life for the better and I am so grateful." ~ Amanda Williams
"NC Weight & Wellness is a phenomenal place and it has truly allowed me to reach my weight loss goals. Within only four short months I was able to lose 56 pounds with the help of the friendly and eager to help staff. They have always went over & beyond to make me feel comfortable and encourage me through my journey. I will always encourage anyone I meet to seek the help of these professionals." ~ T.E.
"I have lost 60 lbs in 6 months. Love it! The staff has been wonderful on this journey. I would definitely recommend this to anyone." ~ Rhonda Medley
"I've lost 35 pounds in 6 weeks. I'm so excited! The staff here have been so encouraging and so supportive you don't feel like you're doing it alone." ~ C.S.
"I couldn't have lost this weight on my own! Thank goodness for Andrea and NC Weight & Wellness! Down 40 pounds and feeling wonderful!" ~ Tonya Swaim
"Can't believe that I am 52 lbs down. This has been so easy to do. I have done it without taking any appetite suppressants. The staff is so helpful. I highly recommend this program." ~ B.D.
"Yayy!!! I came in today for a doctor's visit and I am currently down 64 lbs. I'm almost at my goal. I highly recommend this program to anybody who is struggling from being overweight. I love the staff that work there. They are great and very helpful. Thank you to all the staff." ~ Melissa Fields
"I am more excited than ever to be working with NC Weight & Wellness! I was able to lose 24 lbs in my first month on the program while making manageable changes to my diet and lifestyle. It feels great to be successful and to have found a program that works for me!" ~ Tori White
"I have started this weight loss April 4th, 2017 and as of today June 28th, 2017 I am down 54 lbs. I truly recommend this program to anybody." ~ Melissa Fields
"Love the program! Always good motivational support to keep going. Great, friendly people all around. I have lost 50 lbs in 4 months." ~ Marie Collins
"As of today down 40 pounds! I feel great! I feel more confident than I did even in high school. Totally recommend this program to anyone wanting to lose weight!" ~ M.D.
"Fabulous! I am so excited to be on the road to success with weight loss. This journey has been the easiest program I have ever been on. I have lost 33 pounds in only 4 weeks." ~ Sherry Darnell

“Estoy completamente feliz en perdido 20 las en mi primer mes en tratado todo tipo de dietas y productos y nada me había funcionado como este es genial me siento mucho mejor emocionalmente y físicamente también, esto es maravilloso lo recomiendo absolutamente.” ~ Y.G.

"I have been on this diet for a month and I already lost a total of 25 lbs. I love it. I highly recommend this because it really works. The staff is really nice and friendly." ~ Melissa Fields
"3 months 38 lbs. Loving it! Going slowly but that is ok. Staff is wonderful and products are amazing. Cost is well worth it. God is blessing me with finding this program that a friend recommended." ~ Rhonda Medley
 "I can't believe how easy it has been to lose the first 27 pounds! I am so thankful for all of the help & support provided by the entire staff. I'm in amazement that in one month I look and feel the best in years. I'm so excited to continue this journey!" ~ K.J.
"The program is wonderful & easy. I have lost 55 lbs in 2 months." ~ K.B.
"The first weight loss that I have been successful with in years. I have been dieting off & on for years. I have lost 24 lbs in 2 months. I have thyroid issues and losing weight has been difficult, but this has been easy to follow." ~ Cynthia White
"Love, love this lifestyle change. It has been challenging for me but I have made if for 2 months and lost 29 pounds. The staff has been caring & encouraging all the way. Family and friends here too with encouragement." ~ Rhonda Medley
"I have lost 16 lbs in the first month! The staff are amazing and extremely helpful. The products help jump start your weight loss journey. The success is enough motivation to keep going!" ~ A.E.
"I absolutely love North Carolina Weight and Wellness. Their staff is amazing. The amount of one on one care and personalization is beyond better than all others! I've lost 20 lbs in my first month with their help!"
"I started this program in November of 2016. I have lost 40 pounds. I feel wonderful! I no longer am on Blood Pressure Meds or have to wear my CPAP Mask. I can breathe better and I have so much more energy. I am so happy! The staff is so wonderful and so encouraging. I could not have done this without them. The program works and is amazing!" ~ Theresa Bryant
"My experience is a positive one. I have gone into this program with 1 goal and that was to lose weight! After 1 month I have accomplished that by losing 16 lbs. I am so excited to continue on with this journey." ~ Marie Collins
"This is the first time a program has given me the feeling of control and success. I am hunger-satisfied all through the day. 16 pounds in the first month without going hungry. No stopping now!" ~ J.R.
"I have lost 17 lbs in 4 weeks. Shots don't hurt, love this program. It is easy to follow. The staff is very helpful and supportive. Looking forward to losing more in the next month." ~ R.M.
"Love, Love, Love this program! I have tried everything under the sun. Came in today for my one month follow up and I have lost a total of 13 lbs. Went from a size 16 pants to size 12. Never felt better. Definitely recommend this to anyone wiling to give it a try." ~ Kandy Alvear
"I'm getting ready for my daughter's wedding so I have a lot of weight to lose in a short period of time. My plan was tailored just for me. I've lost 20 pounds in my first month. I haven't been hungry and I feel great. Looking forward to what the scale says next month." ~ Sandra Richards
"This program is amazing! It has taught me to never give up and always strive for the best. The staff is always helpful and encouraging every step of the way. Any questions I have they are willing to answer and make sure I fully understand. Andrea is wonderful!!!" ~ A.G.
"Thanks to NC Weight & Wellness in Elkin, NC. I have lost 23 lbs in 4 weeks. The staff is great!! Thanks a bunch!" ~ C.S.
"I have always struggled with my weight & loosing weight has never been easier -- Here they make everything so simple, and everyone is so helpful. I have lost 14 lbs my first month." ~ M.C.
"I've lost 16 pounds in 4 weeks! It's been the easiest weight loss of my life. I can honestly say that I feel the best that I have felt in 15 years. Pounds come off daily! I love the products and the staff are wonderful!" ~ M.D.
"I am down 21 pounds in just 2 months. Easiest thing I have tried. Anyone can do this. I feel great and have more energy than I have had in a long time." ~ B.D.
"My overall way of life has greatly improved. I've lost 35 lbs in just over 3 months. I'm down almost 3 pants sizes. Really worth it if you want to look and feel better." ~ J.L.
"Andrea is awesome! When I started coming here I was immediately impressed with the positivity and encouragement that I have received from her! I am down 26 pounds and feel the best I've felt in a long time! I'm back in clothes that I had shoved in the back of my closet! It feels wonderful! I highly recommend NC Weight & Wellness to everyone!" ~ C.E.
"It has been easier once I decided enough was enough. I set my mind to follow the plan. I lost 16 lbs in 4 weeks. It was not hard once I became determined."
"When I started the weight loss program in December, I was a type II Diabetic and had high liver enzymes along with high cholesterol. I am very happy to say that after 2 short months I have dropped 21 lbs. I am now pre-diabetic and my liver enzymes and cholesterol levels have come down. NC Weight & Wellness has been, and is going to be, a life changing experience for me. Thank you." ~ D.C.
"I have managed with the assistance of NCW&W to lose 19 lbs in 4 weeks. Dieting before was helpful. However, being accountable to a physician provides extra incentive, and with their assistance I have been successful." ~ C.M.
"I have lost 29 lbs in 12 weeks. The program has been easy for me. I am 57 years old and I have never been able to lose weight this fast. Very nice, friendly, and helpful staff. Would recommend this to anyone. My daughter recommended this for me. We are doing it as a team."
"I am so excited and amazed with this weight loss program. I can't believe how easy it is. I honestly do not feel hungry throughout the day! In the first month I have lost 16 lbs and I feel great." ~ Melanie Sloop
"I love this program it has helped me so much. I have tried so many weight loss diets and nothing ever worked till now. I have so much more energy and feel good about myself and my body. I truly like the staff, they are helpful and nice, and it has been a great experience." ~ Theresa Bryant
"I've lost a total of 26 pounds so far. I'm not stopping there. I feel amazing. So thankful for this doctor's office and their help with my weight loss." ~ Audrianna Bauguess
"My experience has been wonderful here. Kind people who offer constant support!" ~ Blair Lambert
"I've lost 14 lbs in 4 weeks. It has been easy. You get to eat a variety of foods everyday." ~ Teresa Steele
“Over the last 7 years I had gained 30 pounds and my BMI was in the unhealthy range that is when I decided to take my health seriously.  I have tried to lose weight over the past 5 years and lost and gained back the same 10 pounds time and time again.  I was stuck and it felt like whatever I did, the weight would not move.

I know I needed help and had decided to meet with the weight loss counselor at North Carolina Weight and Wellness.  This program is awesome.  The plan is easy to follow with a detailed list of what to eat.  I opted for the appetite suppressants to kick start my weight loss.  The best part of the plan is the vitamins supplements and the vitamin injections.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and the vitamin injections has made my pain decrease substantially.  Making exercise possible and giving me energy.

The hardest step in this weight loss journey was making the first appointment.  Taking the first step for me was embarrassing and I did not want to be judged for my weight.  The staff is wonderful and make you feel completely at ease.   

I am happy to report that in just 5 weeks I am down to a healthy BMI and on my way to my goal weight.”

"I have lost 22 lbs in 4 weeks. All through Thanksgiving and family trips. The plan is so easy." ~ L.R.
"I have lost 19 lbs in 4 weeks and it's not even been hard! It is a life change not a diet and I want to continue losing so look for my updates!! If I can do it anyone can...this program works."
"I've lost 27 lbs in four months and feel better physically as well as mentally. The program requires motivation, but is easy to follow." ~ D.C.
"I am very pleased with the program. I feel great. I am healthier. Amazing staff. Very supportive. I have lost 45 lbs. I recommend this program to everyone." ~ Patricia Childress
"I have lost 24 lbs. The staff is wonderful. The program works. It's easy to follow. I feel great and have more energy." ~ G.R.
"This program is awesome!"
"I have loved this diet plan. It has been the easiest plan I have done to date. I have lost 18 lbs in one month! The weight fell right off. The staff has been so helpful throughout this process!" ~ K.S.
"I have lost 14 pounds in four weeks and feel great!" ~ Carolyn Church
"I have tried every diet out there and nothing worked long term. I have lost 40 lbs in 6 months and still losing thanks to Andrea and the staff at NC Weight & Wellness. I feel the best I have in years. It's a great program!" ~ DSB
"I am super excited to have taken 8 inches off my waist in the first month. This program has been a huge help to me on my weight loss journey." ~ H.G.
"Love, love, love this program! Very easy to follow and the staff is super supportive. Nothing else really worked for me, only created the 'roller coaster' effect. NC W&W has proven to be successful. Highly recommend!!" ~ H.C.
"I have lost 21 lbs in 4 weeks and have had no trouble doing it. To me it was easy. I absolutely love this program."
"I have lost 92 lbs. The program works. Andrea is very encouraging and supportive. Weight loss is a struggle but I have stuck with it and have seen the results. The program teaches you proper eating habits. My weight loss has given me great self confidence. I love the staff. Everyone is helpful." ~ Betty Lopez
"In two months I have lost 31 lbs and 4 dress sizes." ~ Jenny Marsh
"I have been so satisfied with my results! I am fitting into clothes I haven't worn in years. I have lost 26 pounds in only two months."
"I am so pleased with the results that I have achieved while going to NC Weight & Wellness. The staff has been wonderful in answering all of my questions and the late availability on Thursday evenings is a life saver for me. The diet plan has been easy to follow. I will continue to go!!" ~ D.L.
"A positive experience. Lots of helpful information to learn how to lose the weight. I have lost 54lbs in 8 months. I did this without appetite suppressants. A lifestyle change."
"Saw Andrea today! 60 lbs down! Been a journey, but NC Weight and Wellness has helped me through this! Let's keep going!" ~ Shellie Yarboro
"Nothing has worked more than 5 lbs ever. I ate right, exercised and after years of being overweight, NC Weight & Wellness has been a miracle worker. It's easy, tasty, and energizing. I've lost 22 lbs in my first month." ~ J.M.
"I have lost 17 pounds in four weeks! I'm grateful to have the guidelines of this program to make it so easy to work toward my goal weight!" ~ Stephanie Taylor

"This program is awesome I've lost 13 pounds in 4 weeks and have so much energy now. I don't crave the sweets anymore and eat less and crave fruits now. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to lose weight." ~ Elizabeth Nance

"This program is amazing!!! Easy to do! Easy to follow! I feel amazing!! I lost 34 pounds in just 8 weeks!!" ~ Shellie Yarboro

"I lost 15 lbs my first 4 weeks. The program is great and I would recommend. Andrea has been wonderful and she explained all the details to where it is very easy to understand." ~ Vickie Harris

"This is my eighth week coming to the clinic and I have lost a total of 31 lbs. The staff are very friendly. They all have helped me so much." ~ F.P.

"Wonderful program. Lost 25 pounds in 8 weeks. Everyone is very helpful and encouraging." ~ C.D.

"The staff was extremely friendly and I lost 15 pounds in the first month." ~ Marisa Byrd

"I lost 20 lbs my first month. They were fast with each visit to receive my shots." ~ Jamie Byrd

"I lost 17 lbs my first month. I am beyond excited with these results. All I had to do was listen to what the very friendly staff instructed me to do, and the weight falls off. They are awesome!!! Thank you!" ~ Eden Love

"When I started this plan I was very over weight. In 5 months I had lost 50 lbs. The staff was very helpful and caring at every turn, if I needed anything they helped. The plan was so easy to follow, you had snacks or pudding, fiber drink, appetite control, injections, all to help you on your journey." ~ Kathy P.

"I was looking for a place to lose weight and get healthy again. I found it! N.C. Weight and Wellness is a great place. They are caring, supportive and are willing to help you in any way they can, I lost twenty pounds in the first month. I have never done that before!" ~ Louise S. Hinshaw
"This program is great! Everyone here has been so friendly and supportive. I have lost 26 lbs in 4 weeks. This is the easiest weight loss program I have ever done. I have seen results so fast and it has encouraged me to keep going!" ~ Courtney Johnson

"I am one month into the program and already down 15 lbs! The program has been super easy to follow. I have no cravings and I don't feel hungry between meals. I have more energy and everyone at work has complimented me on my weight loss already." ~ S.H.

"First 4 weeks I have lost 37 lbs. I am more than satisfied with this program and with a little motivation, it is very, very successful. Great staff, all around great experience." ~ Chris Adams
"I lost 30 lbs in one week. Not Hungry, easy to follow. It works." ~ Emily Orr
"I've lost 31 lbs in 8 weeks. It was easy. Just made simple changes." ~ D.D.
"I have lost a total of 32 lbs in 8 weeks and I feel better than I have in a very long time. I have energy to do things and I'm motivated to actually do things now. These shots are the best decision I could've made regarding my weight loss." ~ Beverly Smith
"I lost 19 lbs my first month."
"I have been doing the lipo shots for one month and have lost a total of 19 lbs. It's easy to follow the plan I was given and I'm not embarrassed to come weigh in because everyone has been so encouraging." ~ Beverly Smith
"This program was perfect for me. I was uncomfortable with the idea of hormone shots and was glad that this program did not push this. Coming in to check weight and receive the lipo shot makes me accountable for how I am doing, and allows me to ask questions without having to wait a month. The staff at this office make me feel as if we are in this together. I have lost 41 lbs in 8 weeks."
"This program is so easy! I started in October wanting to lose weight fast and I have. I am currently the smallest I have ever been as an adult and only a few pounds away from my goal weight and a healthy BMI. The protein shakes are great and the program allows you to make allowances for what your lifestyle needs are. I couldn't be happier with my new found self!" ~ Christie Bunn
"It's Great! The staff are fabulous! I like this program so much better than where I was going before. The staff are very positive and supportive." ~ Sheena Sparks

"I love that your office is so knowledgeable about weight loss and the effect it has on a patient. Your staff and doctors are the nicest and most considerate of any office I have ever been to. The speed and efficiency of getting in and out in a timely manner are greatly appreciated." ~ Ruth Ann

"Healthiest diet I have ever tried. I feel the best I have ever felt on this diet. The staff at North Carolina Weight & Wellness are always nice. They really care." ~ Lara Johnson

"This has been the only weight loss plan I have ever been able to stick to. It's easy! I have gotten wonderful results. The staff has been very encouraging and helpful." ~ Heather Renegar

"I lost 82 lbs. So far, it hasn't been hard, small changes are all it took." ~ M.J.

"Before starting this program I was down about myself and I really lacked the confidence or motivation to do anything about it. Since joining NC Weight & Wellness I have already lost 5 pounds, but more importantly, I have started to feel like 'me' again."
"I have lost 25 pounds so far. I can't believe how easy Dr. McIlveen and his incredible staff made it. I am off my blood pressure medication and feeling excited about my future." ~ Lisa K.