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A healthy sex life is a big part of your emotional and physical well-being. Yet for millions of women suffering the loss of vaginal function, sexual intercourse is painful or even impossible. North Carolina Weight & Wellness physicians, Peter McIlveen, MD, FACOG, ABOM, and Dr. Alyssa Jastrzebski are highly trained OB/GYNs and Pelvic Health Specialists. Dr. McIlveen was one of the first physicians in the state of North Carolina to use MonaLisa Touch Laser, and Diane Moon, WHNP-BC, DNP help women in the Winston-Salem and Charlotte areas relieve unpleasant vaginal changes that come with age. MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy is a less-invasive alternative to surgery for improvement of vaginal changes after childbirth, menopause, or disease. Call or click to schedule your MonaLisa Touch® consultation today.

MonaLisa Touch® Vaginal Rejuvenation Q & A

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Dryness, itching, and pain inhibit sexual pleasure and impact your emotional, physical, and sexual health. Several different factors cause reduced vaginal function. Women lose vaginal function for two primary reasons:

  • Low estrogen: It’s normal for estrogen levels to decrease with age, especially during and after menopause. Chemotherapy, childbirth, and certain medications also decrease estrogen levels. Low estrogen causes vaginal atrophy: vaginal pain, burning, dryness, and mild incontinence. Sex is often painful for women with vaginal atrophy.
  • Vaginal laxity: Vaginal laxity, or “loose vagina” occurs when the diameter of the vagina increases. This happens over time as vaginal tissue relaxes with age or after natural, traumatic physical events to the pelvic area like childbirth. Women with vaginal laxity can leak urine when they cough, laugh or sneeze. Vaginal laxity can reduce sensation for women, making intercourse less enjoyable.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a minimally-invasive, highly-effective treatment for reduced vaginal function and other unpleasant symptoms that come with age, menopause, and other conditions.


How does MonaLisa Touch® improve vaginal function?

MonaLisa Touch® is a fractional CO2 laser that creates tiny micro-lesions in the vaginal walls. These micro-lesions trigger collagen production to balance vaginal mucosa and reduce unwanted symptoms. Tissue stimulation begins immediately and continues to regenerate in the weeks following treatment.

MonaLisa Touch® treatment only takes a few moments and can be done right in the office without anesthesia. You won’t feel anything besides mild vibrations. Side effects include mild swelling or redness that disappears within a day or two. Dr. McIlveen, Dr. Jastrzebski, and Dr. Moon ask you to avoid heavy lifting, exercise, and sex during the healing process.

How long do MonaLisa Touch® results last?

Unlike other treatments, MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy offers immediate improvement. Results increase during the 40 - 60 days following your MonaLisa® treatment as the collagen regeneration process continue. After MonaLisa® vaginal rejuvenation you can expect:

  • No more burning
  • No more pain
  • No more itching
  • No more dryness
  • No more mild incontinence
  • Ideal vaginal pH
  • Improved vaginal tone and elasticity

Most patients benefit from 1 to 3 treatments initially and a follow-up appointment every year after. Regain your sex life with MonaLisa® vaginal rejuvenation. Call or go online to schedule your appointment with North Carolina Weight & Wellness today.

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